Office coffee service in Omaha Lincoln Metro Area

Starbucks partner

Host Coffee is authorized to provide Omaha Lincoln Metro Area businesses premium Starbucks coffee and brewing equipment.

Omaha Lincoln Metro Area coffee service

Keurig Green Mountain Preferred

Enjoy hundreds of single-cup options with a commercial-grade Keurig brewer available only from a preferred vendor.

Coffee services for offices in Omaha Lincoln Metro Area

Cutting-edge brewing

Push the boundaries of office coffee service to deliver a compelling hot beverage solution that impresses employees.

Omaha Lincoln Metro Area coffee services for offices

Custom solution

Each coffee service program is as unique as the company it’s built for, so let us create the ideal solution for you.

Improve the world with eco-friendly solutions

Eliminate waste, reduce your carbon footprint, and stand for something good with sustainable coffee and disposable goods in the break room.

Coffee connects people. From the coffee farmers to the coffee drinkers, it is something we can relate to and enjoy. It can also be sustainable thanks to association’s such as Fair Trade which ensures a fair price for coffee farmers as well as aid for their communities and education in eco-friendly farming techniques. Choose this coffee to promote the environmental consciousness of your company. Add biodegradable coffee cups and paper products to truly show support for the environment.

Eco-friendly office coffee service in Omaha Lincoln Metro Area

Powerful convenience for employees

Eliminate the need to leave your Omaha Lincoln Metro Area facility for the local coffee shop by offering delicious coffee and tea onsite.

Bean to cup

Nothing is fresher than coffee brewed from whole beans, ground on-demand when the user orders a drink.

Pod brewer

Convenient and fresh, brewing coffee pre-measured in biodegradable coffee pods is a premium single cup solution.v

Capsule brewer

All your favorite coffees available from one machine thanks to specially designed capsules that eliminate flavoring crossing.

Omaha Lincoln Metro Area office coffee services for employees

Traditional equipment

The king of coffee service, coffee by the pot is a versatile option that delivers a high volume of coffee for the workplace.

Gourmet coffee

Brew something different at your Omaha Lincoln Metro Area location by opting for one of our premium coffee lines with exceptional flavor.

Water filtration

Besides better tasting coffee, utilizing point-of-use water filtration also delivers fresh tasting drinking water.

Steep success with tea

Include the fastest growing hot beverage among young workers with a range of high quality teas from Host Coffee.

Aromatic and filled with health benefits, tea service is a must in today’s Omaha Lincoln Metro Area break room. Choose from our range of premium black teas, green teas, herbal teas, and more in order to customize the perfect at-work tea bar. Tea is a drink young professionals are gravitating towards and enjoy all day long.

Bottle-less water cooler

Our plumbed in water coolers ensure your location enjoys tasty water without the hassle of transporting and storing 5 gallon jugs.

Dual temperature on demand

The water filtration system delivers water in two different temperatures, hot for warming drinks and cold for refreshing beverages.

Multiple models available

Choose the system perfect for your break room, including a full floor model or spacing-saving counter top unit.

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