Micro-market service in Omaha Lincoln Metro Area

Designed to look cutting-edge
Each Micro-Market is planned based on the specific location it will be housed and the cabinetry and display is custom built.

Omaha Lincoln Metro Area micro-market services

Fully secured self-checkout kiosks
An interactive touchscreen allows employees to interact while backend security ensures their data is fully secure.

Self-serve micro-markets in Omaha Lincoln Metro Area

Premium, custom offerings
Choose your ideal food, snack, and drink selections for the Micro-Market, making it a truly unique solution.

Host Coffee is bringing your Omaha Lincoln Metro Area employees fresh, on-the-go meals in your custom
micro-markets today!

Micro-Markets transform your break room

More options displayed in an open, well-designed environment that resonates with new and old employees alike.

Technology in the break room

Pay by phone

Enjoy the convenience of paying for your purchase with a mobile device on the Micro-Market kiosk.

Inventory remotely monitored

All products sold are automatically recorded to ensure an accurate restocking list for the next service.

Omaha Lincoln Metro Area self-serve micro-markets

Access 24 hours a day

Employees will love the accessible onsite shopping available to them whenever they need a snack or beverage.

Fully secured for safety

PCI certified encryption secures cashless payments and digital cameras monitor the market at all times.

Omaha Lincoln Metro Area self-serve micro-markets
Keep and attract talent with the best Micro-Market solution in Omaha Lincoln Metro Area with Host Coffee at 800.578.HOST.
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