Convenient snack options that are also delicious

We bring a great mix of products right to your business delivered through top-of-the-line snack vending machines.

No lost money

An infrared product delivery system guarantees a product drops or refunds money instantly.

Pay with credit & mobile

Upgraded snack vending machines that accept various payment options including credit card and mobile wallet.

Latest technology

Our snack vending machines are built with LED lighting, which saves electricity and looks better.

Unique & custom options

Able to stock requested items and snack best sellers at your Omaha and Lincoln metro location.

Snack vending machines in Omaha Lincoln Metro Area

Healthy vending is here

With our snack vending service there will always be a tasty, better-for-you snack available to employees, students, and customers.

Healthy is important to Omaha and Lincoln area residents. Make it a priority at your workplace and see the benefits with happier employees, increased productivity due to less sick days, and lower healthy insurance premiums. Host Coffee makes it easy to have a customized wellness program by offering dozens of delicious snacks that meet nutritional guidelines.

Variety that can satisfy everyone’s cravings

Omaha Lincoln Metro Area snack vending machines

Salty favorites

Bite into a wide variety of crunchy snacks from trusted national snack brands.

Snack vending machines for Omaha Lincoln Metro Area businesses

Delicious nutrition

Grab a convenient healthy snack from the vending machine that supports your goals.

Sweet treats

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a variety of sweet snack options in the vending machine.

Up the convenience of your Omaha or Lincoln metro area break room with a great snack vending machine from Host Coffee at 800.578.HOST;
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