Pantry service transforms the workplace

Free food and drink are a powerful way to create a corporate culture that retains and attracts employees

Take advantage of Host Coffee’s pantry service to make employees feel catered to and appreciated. It’s less expensive than top-tier wages or other benefits, yet delivers higher productivity and lower turnover. We stock the break room with the items you choose and work within your budget. We then provide one transparent bill for the items consumed.

Deliver the ultimate break room experience
in Omaha Lincoln Metro Area

  • Build an oasis

    Create that inviting space that will attract employees and assist them in collaborating and being productive on site.

  • Beneficial to employees

    Pantry service is a benefit Omaha Lincoln Metro Area workplaces can add that is seen as positive by current and potential workers.

  • Empower healthy

    Provide all the nutritious and natural products that will assist employees in living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Fast, convenient items

    Pantry service provides dozens of grab and go food, snack and beverage selections perfect for today’s employees.

  • Professional partner

    Host Coffee has been providing service for years, making us an experienced partner to our customers.

  • Personal pantry solution

    Set up the pantry service based on your budget and preferred products to create a unique solution.

Time to stand apart from the competition starting with pantry service in the break room from Host Coffee at 800.578.HOST.
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