Upbeat employees

Improve morale and mood with high-quality and tasty items that match multiple nutrition guidelines.

Freshly made food

Know the food ingredients are fresh and natural thanks to a local kitchen that prepares all selections.

Top performance

Healthier workers are able to focus, collaborate, and miss less work — ensure your break room supports health.

Build in healthy options

Healthy isn’t just a brand on the vending machine or micro-market sign. It’s offering a wide selection of delicious products that meet different definitions of healthy. That is what our Right Choice for a Healthier You offers. It’s dietician-approved products marked with a heart symbol that are easy for employees to identify and enjoy. It’s a way we bring nutritious and natural selections to vending machines, micro-markets, and pantry service customers. Completely customizable, we ensure this healthy program is catered to the needs of your Omaha Lincoln Metro Area employees.

Make healthy convenient

Ensure the top natural and clean label products are available in a grab and go format for employees to enjoy.

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