Health and safety practices in Omaha Lincoln Metro Area

Your health & safety is important to us!

We are continuously taking the necessary precautions to keep your employees safe and healthy! We have implemented safer practices, including wearing face masks and gloves, social distancing, and increased sanitation.

Numerous options, such as fresh food, snacks and beverages, will be offered on-site to your Omaha Lincoln Metro Area employees!

Wireless Technology

We are able to keep on-site visits to a minimum with our real-time machine updates.

On-Site Convenience

Micro markets are the perfect solution for grab & go options! Employees will be able to reduce off-site visits with this workplace convenience.

Vending Machines

With mobile payment, employees can avoid using cash and eliminate contact with vending machines.

Employee Well Being

Your Omaha Lincoln Metro Area employees will enjoy refreshments at your place of business.

You can rest assured that Host Coffee will prioritize your employee’s health & safety! Call today at 800.578.HOST
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