Bevi water coolers in Omaha

Give your workplace water a boost

A Bevi doesn’t just filter the water coming into your Omaha Lincoln metro area facility, it personalizes it with a choice of flavors and carbonation.

It’s time for something new in the Omaha Lincoln metro area breakroom. Introducing the Bevi, a revolutionary water filtration system that allows the user to create a unique water-based beverage from one machine. Fully self-contained, the Bevi offers dozens of drink combinations all starting with premium tasting filtered water, served still or sparkling, and great tasting flavors, available sweetened or unsweetened. Plus, the Bevi can fit any space. Choose a full, floor-standing model or opt for the sleek countertop dispensing version. It’s a great way to do something good for the environment as it eliminates the need for dozens of single-serve bottled and sparkling water offerings on-site. Make healthy water exciting at your Omaha Lincoln metro area workplace today!

Discover what a Bevi can offer your employees, customers, and overall corporate morale.

Water with WOW

Water in a variety of flavors

Choose from still or sparkling water upgraded with your choice of fruity and refreshing flavors.

Innovative filters

Clean up your water

The activated carbon filtration system inside the Bevi removes impurities that ruin the taste of water.

Smart restocking

Get smarter equipment

The Bevi automatically tracks flavor and carbonation levels, sending alerts when it’s time for more.

Sustainable option

Personalized & sustainable

Refill water bottles and cups at the Bevi to eliminate the pollution associated with single-serve bottles.

These are some of our favorite Bevi flavors

Savor your Omaha Lincoln metro area water with a Bevi water filtration system, available from Host Coffee at 800.578.HOST.
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