vending machines and office coffee service in David CityDavid City’s Source for All Vending Machines

Installing vending machines in your David City office is simple…just call Host Coffee. We are known for our ultimate selection, whether it’s the vending machines themselves or the products filling them. Choose from snack vending machines, Coke vending machines, Pepsi vending machines, coffee vending machines and food vending machines (cold food, healthy food and more). We specialize in providing vending machines utilizing the latest in vending technologies. One of these features is Lightspeed Technology. Our vending equipment have internet connection, which provides us with real-time inventory tracking. Therefore, we know ahead of time what you need in your vending machines, and we pre-kit our delivery trucks with those items for the most efficient follow-up service.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Provided in David City

You know that coffee is important for your David City office employees, so call on Host Coffee to provide it for you. Our office coffee program offers everything you need for a bustling office…the brewers, the coffee/tea and the other necessary supplies. Choose from single-cup brewers, by-the-pot brewers or pour overs. We also offer airpots as a solution to keeping coffee hot and fresh throughout the day. Do you also need stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins, filters, creamers or other related items to support your service? Let us handle that too. We can simply add it to our regular resupply visits and take that responsibility off your office manager’s plate.
Water quality is not only important for an office coffee program, but it’s also appreciated as a drink on its own. Fix your David City office water with our water filtration systems. These filtration units, available in countertop and floor standing configurations, simply hook to your water supply and remove impurities. All a person needs to do is push a button and better tasting hot or cold water is served.

vending service and micro-markets in David CityInstalling Micro-Markets in David City

A Micro-Market from Host Coffee is a great way to upgrade your David City office experience. Think of it as a corner store installed right within the walls of your operation, complete with attractive coolers, racks and displays. The open floorplan setup allows people to walk in, survey the many snack, food and beverage options, and casually choose what they want. A quick trip to the self-service checkout kiosk and the transaction is done. Since the kiosks are internet connected, we’re able to monitor your inventory in real time and keep the store full more efficiently. Furthermore, since no one is needed to run the store, it can remain open all day, every day.

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