vending machines and water filtration service in SewardSeward’s Choice for State-of-the-Art Vending Machines

Is there really such a thing as “state-of-the-art” vending machines? Definitely, and Host Coffee is ready to install yours in Seward. We have all the latest types of vending machines, including coffee vending machines, food vending machines and healthy food vending machines. And our vending machines feature the latest in technologies. Guaranteed product delivery uses infrared lights to determine if a purchased product is vended or not. If it’s still hanging there, the vending machine knows, and immediately refunds your money. Also, our vending equipment is Lightspeed Technology capable. That means the vending machines use wi-fi to report inventory data to us in real time. Combined with our unique abilities to kit our vending machines with only the products our clients’ need, we’re able to serve you better…and keep our costs low.

Office Coffee and Water Services in Seward

A lot of office handle coffee themselves, which is great…if they have the time. Here in Seward, if you’d rather give the job to someone else, hand it over to Host Coffee and see why we do this for so many offices in the area. We take care of everything. We help you select from our commercial duty coffee machines, be they single-cup brewers or larger pour-overs or multi-pot brewers. We’ll install your coffee equipment, and then stock everything you need to keep it running. This not only includes the coffees and teas, but also other peripheral items like stir sticks, cups, plates, creamers, filters and sweeteners. We’re happy to take these related products off your plate so you can focus on more important tasks around the office.
Need better water in your Steward office? We have two solutions. Our water filtration service uses a filtration unit – either counter top or floor standing – that connects to the water supply. Filtering out the impurities that poorly affect taste, better tasting water is immediately available simply just pushing a button. Otherwise, we also offer water delivery services. This involves us delivering filtered water in 5 gallon jugs that work with an office installed water bubbler.

office coffee and micro markets in SewardSeward Micro-Market Solutions

Take a big step beyond standard vending machine services by having Host Coffee install a Micro-Market into your Seward office. Instead of vending machines, a Micro-Market is like a mini convenience store right within your office space. We build it using attractive coolers, racks and displays that are designed to best fit your unique office space, and then we stock it with hundreds of items. Not only does our available inventory include standard snacks, beverages and food items, but also fresh options like gourmet salads, protein-packed dairy items and fruit. Once the store is online, people simply can walk in, select what they want and head to the integrated self-checkout kiosk. There they handle the complete transaction by themselves. It’s the ultimate in selection and efficiency, and it can remain open every day, all day.

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